Take The Test To Find Out Your Personality Type!

1. You feel more energized when you socialize a lot.

2. You change your mind often.

3. You enjoy focusing more on the bigger picture than on the details.

4. You rely more on your heart than your head when making decisions.

5. When you go out, it’s usually with one or two people, and not with a large group.

6. You prefer to make decisions purely based on logic and not based on your own feelings.

7. You are usually on time and rarely late.

8. You often come up with new ways of doing things.

9. You usually prefer to spend your time with other people rather than have alone time.

10. You get bored talking about theoretical or abstract concepts.

11. You don’t like to let your own feelings influence your decisions.

12. You are quite organized.

13. It’s challenging for you to spend an entire weekend all by yourself without feeling bored.

14. You don’t like talking about your own feelings, even with those who are close to you.

15. You are much more interested in present realities than in future possibilities.

16. Once you start a new project, you always make sure to finish it.

17. When in a group of people you don’t know, it’s easy for you to jump right into their conversation.

18. You drift away a lot, daydreaming about future ideas and scenarios.

19. If something is upsetting your friend, your first response is to support them emotionally, not try to solve their problem.

20. You like to do things at the last minute.

21. At social events, you mostly talk to people you already know, rather than try to introduce yourself to new people.

22. Your emotions control you more than you control them.

23. You often find yourself contemplating the meaning of life and what your purpose is.

24. You have a planned and methodical approach to life.

25. Your alone time often ends up being more interesting and fulfilling than the time you spend with other people.

26. You find it challenging to relate to people who let their emotions guide them in life.

27. When watching movies, you are much more interested in being entertained than in discovering the underlying meaning.

28. You often make decisions impulsively.

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