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Lost in Translation Part 1: E vs I

You probably know that the difference between E and I is typically defined as one of energy; Extroverts get their batteries charged by being around other people and soaking in the vitality of social situations, while Introverts find these circumstances draining and need time by themselves to recharge. This is true, and can be critical when it comes to understanding each other and setting boundaries. An Introvert’s need for time and space to restore their energy levels is easy to misunderstand or take personally — an Extrovert might not inherently get why someone who supposedly likes them would want or need time away from them.


Lost in Translation Part 2: N vs S

Ns and Ss, or Intuitive vs Sensing personality types, represent one of the biggest, and most important, differences in the Myers Briggs. Intuitive and Sensing are two facets that are less commonly understood because they’re less self-explanatory than Introverted and Extroverted or Thinking and Feeling. As shorthand, I usually tell people that Ns are big picture people and Ss are detail oriented. This is true, but under the surface these two letters represent a huge difference in how these types perceive the world, as well as one of the biggest opportunities for us to learn from each other.


Lost in Translation Part 3: T vs F

The differences and nuances in the Thinking and Feeling types are some of the most misunderstood because these two words lead many people to oversimplify. Clearly, everyone has thoughts and everyone has feelings, and it doesn’t help anyone to treat Ts like unemotional robots or Fs like illogical hysterics. This difference mostly represents the foot that each type uses to step into the world with, the language they use to translate their experiences and navigate their choices.

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Lost in Translation Part 4: P vs J

This difference mainly comes down to what each type finds important about their style of moving through the world. Perceiving types value possibilities and freedom more than anything else, and tend to live their lives in a way that lets them follow whatever whim seems like the best idea at the time. Judging types tend to value efficiency and organization, staying focused on the truth that life tends to run better and with fewer headaches when there’s a plan to go off of.

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The Origin Story

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